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Lens to Barrel Bonding in Today’s Camera Modules

Cameras are everywhere today. Your cell phone likely has multiple cameras. Your laptop has at least one. Cars and trucks increasingly have cameras to monitor driver engagement with the road. Each of these small camera modules has some kind of lens to barrel bond point. Bonding of the lens to barrel in today’s portable and […]

Posted by Krylex on May 7, 2021

Performance: Krylex High-Performance PUR Hot Melts

For applications where performance cannot be compromised, Krylex offers the market-leading solution. These reactive hot melts should ensure that sensitive electronic modules are adequately sealed to a manufacturer’s unique specifications. Mobile devices interact with a wide variety of chemicals in our day-to-day usage. From possible contact with a user’s sunscreen and cosmetics. The adhesive must demonstrate […]

Posted by Krylex on April 30, 2021

Advantages of Light Cure Adhesives in an Evolving Medical Tubing Landscape

Medical Tubing Market Dynamics Most market research firms expect the medical plastic tubing market to exceed $10 billion in revenue by the year 2025 with compound annual growth rates at over 9%. Similarly to almost all other medical devices, the growing consciousness surrounding hospital acquired infections and the concern about spreading said infections is driving […]

Posted by Krylex on April 29, 2021

Sustainability Focus: Krylex High-Performance PUR Hot Melts

There are many advantages of using adhesive to enhance a manufacturer’s product performance and processing capabilities. However, one of the disadvantages that they can have in this world, is an environmental one. Adhesives are inherently petroleum-based products. Although adhesives are generally a small portion of a mobile device’s assembly, there is a growing desire from […]

Posted by Krylex on April 26, 2021

Why Low-temperature Cure Epoxy Adhesives are important

Today’s mobile and electronic devices have come a long way since the first mobile phone was created nearly 40 years ago. The very first devices were big and bulky with limited capability. User experience improvements have driven the industry to produce lighter, thinner, and more style products. Today, creating new designs requires new materials, leaving […]

Posted by Krylex on April 20, 2021

How to Choose the Right Polyurethane Hot Melts for Electronics Assemblies

The #electronics market is rapidly expanding, and there is a high demand for adhesives for bonding different parts and components during the electronic assembly process.  #Structural_adhesives are being utilized more and more in place of mechanical fastening methods and tapes due to their high strength, ease of use and low total cost of ownership.  In particular, Polyurethane […]

Posted by Krylex on November 13, 2019

Growing Significance of Adhesives in Wearable Devices

With the advent of wearable technology, devices such as smart watches, sleep trackers and heartrate sensors have become a part of our life. In addition to fitness and wellbeing, these wearable electronics find many applications in medicine and healthcare, and they have tremendously helped in improving the quality of life for many people globally. Adhesives […]

Posted by Krylex on August 27, 2019