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UV-curing adhesives see the light

Adhesives require a chemical reaction to convert their structure from the liquid to the solid state. Once cured, the adhesive provides a high-strength bond between two substrates, which resists temperature or humidity changes and is impervious to many chemicals. There are several ways to achieve the reactive curing process, such as light, heat, moisture or […]

Posted by Krylex on March 27, 2019

Making it stick: The many uses of cyanoacrylate adhesives

Figure 1. Cyanoacrylate: an adhesive for all seasons. Source: Krylex.com/Chemence Cyanoacrylate, commonly known as superglue, is a one-part adhesive that can form strong bonds with a wider variety of materials than most other types of adhesives. It can join plastics such as ABS, polyester, polycarbonate, PVC and nylon; metals such as zinc, brass, aluminum, permalloys […]

Posted by Krylex on March 26, 2019