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Electric Vehicles and the Growing Significance of Adhesives and Sealants for Battery Assembly

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been rapidly adopted in recent years, and the rate of market growth has shown to be significantly higher than that of the fuel-injected automotive market. Indeed, the global stock of electric cars surpassed five million in 2018. Conservative estimates expect global EV sales to reach 23 million by 2030, according to […]

Posted by Krylex on May 12, 2021

Lens to Barrel Bonding in Today’s Camera Modules

Cameras are everywhere today. Your cell phone likely has multiple cameras. Your laptop has at least one. Cars and trucks increasingly have cameras to monitor driver engagement with the road. Each of these small camera modules has some kind of lens to barrel bond point. Bonding of the lens to barrel in today’s portable and […]

Posted by Krylex on May 7, 2021