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Wireless charging station for phone, earbuds and watch.

Adhesive Selection for Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless Charging is become an increasing important and common method for charging electronic devices across a wide variety of industrial segments. These segments include Aerospace, Defence, Healthcare, Industrial, Automotive and Consumer Electronics.  The advantages of a wireless approach compared to more standard charging approach via an attached cable are numerous. One of the obvious advantages […]

Posted by Krylex on December 16, 2022

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Greener and Safer Adhesive Solutions

KRYLEX® More Environmentally Friendly & High Bio-content Adhesives: Consumer electronic device manufacturing companies constantly strive to deliver devices that enhance people’s lives through improved form and function.  In addition to an enhanced experience for the user, increasingly consumer electronic device manufacturers are also looking to deliver their products to the market in a way that […]

Posted by Krylex on October 26, 2022