Driving Performance, Innovation and Sustainability in a Changing World

In an ever changing world, Krylex’s KH9000 series offers manufacturers increased sustainability and unique next-generation performance in assembling electronic devices. The KH9000 series are novel Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesives that deliver various performance benefits in the assembly of consumer electronic devices. Such devices include mobiles, wearables, and accessories.

These Polyurethane Reactive adhesives, also known as Hot Melt adhesives, include best-in-class:

  • Enclosure sealing
  • Antenna bonding
  • Encapsulation of die and electronic components 

Commitment to Sustainability:

Krylex’s KH9000 series contains up to 50% plant-based raw materials while maintaining its status as a high-performance adhesive platform for electronic device assembly. The presence of high biocontent in our raw material selection offers increased sustainability in a manufacturer’s processes.

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important aspect of electronic device manufacturing. Organizations and consumers continuously look for ways to reduce carbon emissions. There is also a desire to prevent other harmful environmental practices such as consumer or manufacturing waste from going to landfills. Bio-based resin constituents can replace traditional fossil fuel-based raw materials used to manufacture adhesives.

Several positive, sustainable benefits result by eliminating or reducing the use of these raw materials including:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Savings in energy during production
  • Reduction of non-biodegradable waste
  • Preservation of non-renewable sources

Flexible Processing Capability:

Krylex’s KH9000 Series are liquid in form and easy to apply. They do not have disposable release liners that create the ‘release liner mountains’ associated with film adhesive alternatives. Contract manufacturing houses based in Asia frequently utilize these adhesive film solutions. Once dispensed, the products cure efficiently at ambient temperature using atmospheric moisture. This feature eliminates the requirements for ovens and other high energy curing methods. The result is a reduction in energy consumption and manufacturing line footprints.

Despite being a reactive chemistry, Krylex’s KH9000 series offers excellent Reworkability, which can be helpful if there is an error in the device assembly or there are non-functioning components. This feature allows the manufacturer to reduce unnecessary wastage of often high-value substrates and components.

Excellent Sealing Performance:

Krylex’s KH9000 series has been formulated with unique properties to deliver next-generation performance in various adhesive applications. These adhesives offer exceptional moisture barrier properties once cured. This feature is a function of their exceptionally low Moisture Vapor Transition Rate (MVTR), also known as Water Vapor Transition Rate (WVTR). A low MVTR will enable the widespread application of sealing electronic device enclosures where moisture penetration must be avoided. The exceptionally high sealing properties result in the specification of these products in various mobile and wearable device applications.

Highly Biocompatible:

Medical and consumer electronic wearables are often in contact with a user’s skin. PURs are widely acknowledged as highly biocompatible adhesives. The main reasons for this classification are the lack of known irritant materials used in their formulation and their ability to fully convert from adhesive to a solid polymer. The specification of only highly biocompatible adhesives reduces the risk of a user’s skin becoming irritated while using the device. This biocompatibility ensures a higher standard of safety for the end-user.

Excellent Dielectric Performance:

Krylex’s KH9000 series have very tightly controlled dielectric properties. Specific dielectric performance properties are a requirement of the adhesive when bonding a device’s antenna. These properties enable their widespread use to bond antennas with no performance loss to the antenna itself. Properties such as a low dielectric constant ensure that antenna performance is unimpacted.

To summarise, Krylex’s KH9000 series features include:

  • Low MVTR
  • High Biocontent (50%)
  • Excellent Reworkability
  • Excellent Green Strength/ Low Fixture time
  • High Biocompatibility – ISO-10993-5 certification
  • Excellent Dielectric Properties
  • Outstanding Flexibility and Impact Resistance

September 14, 2021