Krylex: First class chemistry for first class results.

The most powerful, innovative and smart adhesives around. Perfect for both professional and home use.

Not All Adhesives Are Created Equal

Whether it is fixing a favorite mug, a broken pipe, or an airplane engine, adhesion that truly works is essential. With quality components, everything runs smoothly; tempers are not frayed and time is saved.  It is a universal truth:  if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right the first time.

In the case of airplanes, either those flying passengers or operated by remote, nobody likes finding that their glue is not adhering to the substrate or is not durable.  Whether at home or work, you want to create something that’s going to last.

Home based or professional, everyone benefits from stuff that truly works. That’s why we created the Krylex consumer range:  we believe that high quality, universal solutions are not an added extra; they are fundamental.

With Krylex, we have taken 30+ years of adhesive R&D and created the most powerful, innovative and smart solutions for home’s oopsies and industry’s value-added efficiencies.

Why Choose Krylex

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There is nothing quite like seeing a project come to fruition. That feeling as you stare into a chaotic mass; the knowledge that this beautiful work of completion would not be if you hadn’t put in the effort… or picked the right glue.

There is something especially brilliant about taking the utmost care with each and every component. Sourcing the right materials, calculating the alignment of parts and shaving those same parts down to measure – it’s all tantalizingly good. Every little detail is important. Such minute attention would seem ludicrous if bonds were to break soon thereafter. That’s why we created Krylex. Certainly, you get the idea. Click below to find some cracking tips and tricks as well as inspirations for your next project!