KB687 De-bonder/Cleaner for Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

KRYLEX® KP687 is a versatile, non-flammable, clear release agent for cyanoacrylate adhesives. This clear liquid softens cured or uncured cyanoacrylate adhesives (superglue). It is suitable for fabrics, glass, rubber, brick, stone, wood and the majority of plastics. It is not suggested for use on solvent attackable plastics like perspex or polystyrene.

  • Non-flammable formulation
  • Stable, low hazard product with long shelf life.
  • Available in 1L aluminum flask or 20ml brush in cap bottles.

KP687 De-bonder At A Glance



Fast Acting

1-5 minutes


24 month

Shelf Life Unopened

12 month

Shelf Life Opened

Suitable for removing adhesive from most surfaces

Instructions for Use:

Hand apply with brush or wipe and leave on for 1-5 minutes allowing KP687 to attack any cured cyanoacrylate adhesive. Performance is dependent on thickness of the adhesive file to be removed and substrate it is adhered to. Works best with repeated applications.

Safety Precautions:

KP687 is a severe eye irritant. Do not apply near eyes or mouth. For safe handling of this material consult the Safety Data Sheet.

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