UV Light Curing Adhesives

Light Curing Adhesives

Chemence® is at the forefront of light curing technology for industrial applications.  Chemence manufactures tonnes of UV light curing adhesives and resins on a monthly basis for industrial applications and the flexography industry. Our experienced chemists regularly synthesize proprietary oligomers and raw materials for our formulations to ensure that our products provide cutting edge performance not available from our competitors.  With our KRYLEX® portfolio of light curing adhesives, we have optimized an extensive range of formulations for bonding, sealing, tacking, coating, encapsulation, laminating and potting.  All KRYLEX® light cure adhesives offer critical benefits to end users including:
  • Instant (within seconds) cure on demand with exposure to appropriate light source
  • 100% solids, solvent free composition for increased health and safety
  • Exceptional shelf life and stability
  • Single component formulations for no mixing and easy production automation
  • Wide range of formulas for any application need
Whether working on assembling needles for drug delivery or waterproofing electronic devices to increase product reliability, Chemence’s portfolio of light cure adhesives include formulas with some or all of the following properties:
  • Viscosities from a few centipoise to thixotropic gels for non-sag vertical application
  • Excellent adhesion to most plastics, glass, metals, ceramics and more
  • High impact, peel and toughness for durable bonds
  • High elongation formulas for flexible substrates
  • Ultra-clear formulas for clean aesthetics and invisible bond lines
  • Excellent temperature, water and chemical resistance
  • Dual cure with secondary moisture, thermal or anaerobic cure mechanisms for shadowed areas
  • Fluorescing agents for on part detection and quality assurance on production lines
  • ISO10993 biocompatibility for use in medical device assembly
Chemence’s range of KRYLEX light cure adhesives is available in a wide variety of formulations to ensure that our products fit your production needs exactly. We work with customers regularly to customize UV curable adhesives depending on your requirements.  Contact one of our technical specialists today to discuss the formulation of UV light curable adhesives for your design and manufacturing needs.