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home appliances adhesives

White goods, or major home appliances, are complex assemblies designed and manufactured to meet demanding expectations of customers around the globe. Refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners and dishwashers all must perform continuously at high levels for years – usually exposed to demanding conditions such as heat, cold, humidity, pressure, vibration and chemical exposure. Each large appliance has dozens of smaller subassemblies with specific functions including electronic panels, motors, seals, panels and housings, and more. Our KRYLEX® line of home appliance adhesives provide excellent adhesion to most substrates and withstand most of the strenuous conditions and forces that each of these subassemblies is exposed to. We currently provide home appliance adhesives for the following applications:
  • Plastic Assembly
    • Knob and button fixturing, door handle bonding, name tag fixturing, adhering panels and frames, door assembly, shelf assembly, door sealing
  • Electronics Assembly
    • Connector and wire tacking, PCB potting and encapsulation, display panel bonding and sealing, sensor encapsulation
  • Motor Assembly
    • Gear shafts, spin pinions, bearing and bushing fitting, fan mounting and fixturing, coil winding and coating, magnet bonding
You can also contact a KRYLEX® technical specialist today to learn more about our white goods adhesives solutions for appliance manufacturers. Chemence® works with engineers to evaluate production processes to identify cost savings and process improvements on existing production lines. If you are designing a new home appliance assembly, find out how Chemence’s Research and Development team can design a custom solution for your exact production needs. Chemence® is your source for home appliance adhesives when manufacturing appliances small and large.
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