Adhesives for Smart Home Devices

Smart home device adhesives

Smart home device development and adoption has seen a huge spike in recent years. These devices make lives easier, more energy-efficient and keep people safer. Smart devices can be found in all parts of the home today and include smart speakers, smart lighting, smart cameras, smart thermostats, robotic vacuums, smart security systems among many other appliances and home accessories. Chemence’s materials for smart home device assembly make the manufacture of these devices more functional, reliable, cost-effective and ultimately more attainable for the mass consumer market. KRYLEX® smart home device adhesives and sealants are utilized in a variety of applications spanning every smart home device imaginable.
  • Structural adhesives remove the need for mechanical fasteners and gaskets in the final assembly of housings – adhering many dissimilar substrates while providing clean aesthetics and a tight seal from the outside environment.
  • Encapsulants and coatings protect sensitive componentry and circuits from shock, impact, moisture and the elements ensuring reliable product quality for the long run.
  • Camera module assembly adhesives allow manufacturers to deliver capabilities such as ultra HD resolution, motion sensing, facial recognition and more while maintaining compact footprints and sleek designs.
  • Anaerobic adhesives ensure that threaded assemblies stay in place until they are ready to be removed and don’t come loose prematurely from vibration, thermal cycling or tampering.
  • Form in place and cure in place gaskets reduce the need for large inventories of pre-cut gaskets and reduce manufacturing costs by allowing for higher manufacturing tolerances – all while preventing moisture penetration into the device.
Chemence’s line of KRYLEX® smart home device adhesives for the electronics industry and other adhesives and sealants for the electronics industry include a variety of technologies to ensure optimal assembly performance while allowing manufacturers to seamlessly design production processes that are efficient and robust. Our technology portfolio includes many standard products including Polyurethane Hot Melts, Epoxies, UV/UV-Moisture/UV-Thermal adhesives, Cyanoacrylates and Anaerobics. Contact your KRYLEX® technical specialist today to learn more about these smart home device adhesives and our customization capabilities.
Adhesives for Smart Home Electronic Devices