Adhesives for Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile Devices Adhesives

The mobile device market is a growing and dynamic industry. Each year, manufacturers work to improve on previous generations of devices to respond to demanding customer needs. The assembly of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets requires dozens of different adhesives and sealants for structural assembly, environmental protection, thermal management, electrical conductivity or insulation and more. KRYLEX® electronics adhesives and sealants can be found in many of these applications including:
  • Cover Glass Bonding
    • Structural adhesives for cover glass bonding combine high adhesion strength and impact resistance. Our reworkable materials allow customers to lower the total cost of ownership in their manufacturing processes.
  • Frame Bonding And Sealing
    • Chemence’s structural adhesives combine high bond strength and fast fixture with low shrinkage, dense cross-linking and pressure resistance. Our KRYLEX® mobile device adhesives provide smartphone manufacturers confidence in reliable assemblies while maximizing production efficiencies.
  • Flexible printed circuit (FPC) bonding
    • KRYLEX® reinforcement adhesives provide superior protection for flexible circuits used in electronics assemblies. Good adhesion and peel strength as well as high flexibility and crack resistance protect FPCs against damage.
  • Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) applications
    • Chemence’s portfolio of encapsulant and adhesive materials allows MEMS manufacturers to meet challenging performance requirements including shielding performance, impact resistance, adhesion to a variety of substrates and optimized rheology.
  • Glob Top & Encapsulants
    • KRYLEX® encapsulants protect PCBs and components from shock, drop, vibration and impact. Our solutions provide strong adhesion, moisture resistance and ingress protection (IP) waterproofing without compromising antenna capabilities or acoustic performance.
  • Entry Point Sealants
    • Mobile devices contain several vulnerable openings by design, such as the earphone sockets or USB ports. KRYLEX® high performance sealants and encapsulants safeguard against moisture entry and allow for high ingress protection (IP) ratings.
  • Component Gasketing
    • Chemence® offers a wide range of solutions with optimized rheology, durometer and compression set for gasketing of components in mobile devices. Our range of cure-in-place gaskets (CIPG) help to protect devices from water ingress and subsequent damage.
  • Enclosure Impregnation
    • Chemence’s wide range of ANASEAL® vacuum impregnation resins can penetrate and seal enclosures and help prevent penetration of external contaminants like dust and water. Our resins are designed for microporosity sealing for penetration into even the smallest openings.
  • Button and Key bonding
    • Chemence® structural adhesives and instant adhesives are formulated for low surface energy substrate bonding which is critical to key responsiveness. Many of our adhesives fixture in seconds to allow for increased production speeds and higher production throughput.
  • Wireless Charger Bonding
    • KRYLEX® structural adhesives deliver excellent bond strength on most substrates with extremely fast fixturing and market leading green strength. Upon full cure our adhesives display excellent tensile properties and drop impact resistance to ensure that components stay in place.
Chemence’s line of mobile device adhesives and sealants provide critical performance benefits to smartphone and tablet manufacturers. Our line of KRYLEX® solutions have been proven to deliver:
  • High adhesion to most substrates
  • Excellent chemical and moisture resistance
  • Fast curing fixturing and curing speeds
  • Superior tensile properties and impact resistance
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Reliable performance and quality
Adhesives for Mobile Electronics Assembly