Camera Module Assembly Adhesives

Camera Module Assembly Adhesives

Camera modules are increasingly being used in devices all around us.  Increased consumer demand for safety has driven demand for development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in vehicles.  Smartphones are shifting to two, three and even four camera systems on a single device to provide users capabilities previously only accessible through high end photography equipment.  The proliferation of smarthome devices has also introduced more cameras in our lives – smart doorbells, security systems, home hubs and even dog treat dispensers now carry cameras used for live streaming. Camera module manufacturers have increasingly stringent requirements for assembly materials driven by the need to further miniaturize camera assemblies and increase reliability.  Chemence’s portfolio of UV and dual cure adhesives have been developed to address manufactures needs for most applications including FPC reinforcement, image sensor bonding, IR filter bonding, lens bonding and barrel fixation, VCM assembly and even active alignment.
  • Active Alignment:The need to provide high quality image capabilities requires very accurate and reliable placement and fixation solutions for camera modules.  KRYLEX® dual cure adhesive are used for active alignment assembly.  Our UV and Thermal cure adhesives allow for easy dispensing, ultra-fast fixation and reliable thermal cure for shadowed areas.  Each active alignment product provides excellent adhesion to critical substrates and has very low outgassing and shrinkage properties ensuring long term reliability of the assembly.
  • Lens Bonding:Lens bonding and barrel bonding require adhesives with highly specialized performance characteristics.  Delicate substrates dictate that low temperature processing is critical for minimizing substrate distortion.  Additionally, high thixotropic index and low outgassing is critical for ensuring that adhesive doesn’t migrate to unwanted areas and contaminate assemblies.  KRYLEX® lens bonding adhesives provide these performance requirements in addition to providing excellent adhesion to substrates such as LCP and PA and enhanced shock-absorbing, impact resistant properties.
  • FPC Reinforcement:Camera modules tend to be connected to their final assemblies via flexible printed circuits (FPC).  KRYLEX® UV curing adhesives provide excellent adhesion to FPC substrates such as polyimide and polyester in addition to excellent peel resistance, flexibility and water resistance.
Camera Module Adhesives
Camera Module Adhesives
  • Lens Bonding

    Fast fixturing UV adhesives with high Ti reduce risk of migration to unwanted sections of assembly.

  • Lens Barrel Bonding

    Fast curing UV adhesives with low surface tack and low outgassing reduce risk of contamination.

  • Active Alignment

    UV/Thermal cure adhesives provide instant fixturing during alignment. Low temperature thermal cure and excellent environmental resistance ensures permanent, precise alignment.

  • IR Filter Bonding

    Light blocking, low reflectivity adhesives with excellent impact resistance. Fast curing adhesives allow for high production throughput.

  • FPC Anchoring & Reinforcement

    UV adhesives with high peel strength and flexibility provide structural integrity to FPC connectors.

  • Image Sensor Bonding

    High reliability adhesives with optimized modulus for toughness and impact resistance allow for fast assembly without compromising performance.